Jenny Brown - Dedicated Carer with hands on experience...


         Hello! My name is Jen.
I've been working as a Dog Walker & Cat Feeder for over 10 years in Horsham & Southwater, West Sussex. Every pet I've ever worked with has completely unique sets of needs and personalities. I aim to provide them with the very best care I can tailored to suit them by means of walks or house visits. I'm only happy if your pet is happy too and work conscientiously to help you and your pet. Last year I decided to put my decade of hands on canine experience to good use and became, (technically a mature student!), at the British College of Canine Studies where I am working towards a Level 4 Advanced Behaviour Practitioner qualification. The course has been immensely rewarding and I've been passing with Distinctions so far. I can't wait to complete it next year and do even more courses to expand my knowledge. I have my own dog...a senile, 13 year old Westie called Bonnie whose keeps getting more character with age! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in April 2017 but I was encouraged to continue my job by my Fibro Nurse as exercise is a huge benefactor towards it. The condition can be unpredictable at times but I live virtually medicated free and my dedication and love of dog drives me through work each day. The majority of my clients are long term customers who are happy to provide a reference for you if you require it. I have very much become someone who doesn't let a condition define who they are. And to help others in support of this, I set up a Facebook Group called "Laugh~With~Fibro" to encourage others to show a positive life with Fibro. Outside of work, I love to swim and keep fit. I am one of many who fell into the recent adult colouring book phase! And I love to experiment with cooking, in particular with gluten free bread making and home made sorbets! But we're getting side tracked here!!... 

J.B4Pets offers the following services...

  • "Yappy" GROUP WALKS - Small, grouped dog walks with a maximum of 3 dogs per walk lasting 45 minutes. Walk locations are varied to keep their minds stimulated and are carefully matched by temperament
  • Price £10 for one dog per walk
  • Each additional dog from the same family £8 per walk
  • (Maximum of 3 dogs per walk allowed)

  • "Sensitive" SOLO WALKS for the dogs that prefer a quieter walk on their own that can take place either from home or a suitable quiet location, lasting 30 minutes. Ideal for 1-2-1 training. Instructions will be followed if approved by a qualified trainer/behaviourist
  • Price £16 for one dog per walk
  • Each additional dog from the same family £8 per walk. 
  • (Maximum of 3 dogs per walk allowed)

  • "Golden Dog" SHORT WALKS/VISITS COMBO - for the senior dogs who need a gentle stroll and/or house visit combination. Distanced and paced to match their needs lasting up to 20 minutes either from home or a suitable walk location that is appropriate for their joints. Also ideal for normally healthy dogs who are ill/injured.
  • Price £8 for one dog per walk
  • Each additional dog from the same family £6 per walk
  • (Maximum of 3 dogs per walk allowed)

  • "Playful Pups" HOUSE VISITS  - Puppy visits to help with early development, socialisation and training (all in the form of play of course!). Short walks from home available once vaccinated until their bones are fully grown, with the option to join our other walks in service on a regular basis if you so wish later on
  • Price £10 for one 45 minute visit
  • Two Visits on the same day £16 a day. 
  • (Price is per household) 

  • "Pop-In" SERVICE  - to let adult dogs out to the toilet without a walk. Each visit lasts 15 minutes which they are petted and given a biscuit if required. Food can also be put down.
  • Price £7 for one visit a day
  • 2x visits on the same day £13 a day
  • (Price is per household)

  • "Little Furbabies" HOUSE VISITS  - for the cats and kittens! Each visit involves food and water replenished, litter trays cleaned out and petting time. 
  • Prices...30 Minutes £8 
  • 2x visits on the same day £14 a day
  • (Price is per household)

For all aspects of the service...
New clients will be met in person before the service begins. During the consultation you will be given a Welcome Pack (includes a Veterinary Release Form and Service Terms) and the needs of your pet are fully discussed. More then one consultation can be arranged if your pet needs longer to get to know me. The service has Public Liability Insurance with Pet Business Insurance and is DBS Checked annually (certificates available to view on request). 

The safety of your pet is of the upmost importance at all times. 
  • Dogs are only let off the lead with written permission and if their recall is good. If needed, we can work on your dog's recall until he/she gets better at it. 
  • Owners are welcome to join me on our walking adventures! 
  • In a bid to reduce the risk of dog theft, photos that are taken during our walks and house visits are not publicised on Facebook during the working day. Any photos with captions that are posted are given permission of the pet owner with the understanding it is a public page.
  • I use a vehicle with no advertising and all the dogs travel individually, either in a crate or behind pet approved barriers with safety belts and harnesses where applicable.
  • Photos during the service are sent privately to the owners by WhatsApp or Messenger to show you what adventures your pet goes on if you wish to be kept informed.

Service Main Hours are 9.00am till 4.30pm
Dog Walking & Pop-In Visit Hours are MON - FRI. 
Weekend Walks/Pop-ins on special request only.
 Cat Feeding Visits available 7 days a week. 
All Service is open all year round except  during Personal Holidays, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.
Messages are checked between 
8.30am and 5.30pm 
             Mon - Fri.
 Weekend Messages are responded to Sunday Evenings only unless you are a client receiving a weekend service.

                                          CHANGES DURING THE SERVICE 
                                            ON THE DAY
The service aims to provide what is booked and to arrive at the agreed time where possible but the service available may change on the day based on the day's circumstances. As much as we'd like things to run smoothly each day things can go wrong and unexpectedly as is the normal course of life! Things that can affect the day include the weather (extreme hot, cold or wet weather), car breakdowns, local traffic, staff and/or pet illnesses. 

During these challenging days the priority is that all pets are visited to some degree. All walks/visits are carefully timed. The service now offers a 20% discount off the original booked service for the day (if the owners request it), when walks/visits have been shortened due to either car breakdowns or staff illnesses. Incidences like this break my service promise to you and are my direct responsibility. You would be naturally notified of any disruption. (Please note...service disruption/changes due to the weather, local traffic or pet illnesses are not entitled to a discount as these events and outcomes of such, are uncontrolled or unpredictable by myself or the owners).

If I can be of any help at all please don't hesitate to contact me on. I am very approachable and more then happy to answer any question or concerns you may have about me or the service on offer.


Tel: 07920162784
via the mobile number above.

Looking forward to meeting new paws!  

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